City university announces job cuts

The University of Liverpool has announced plans to cut 220 roles.

The redundancies will be part of a plan to reshape the academic staffing profile, in order to reach a place within the top 100 universities globally by 2026.

The University of Liverpool said: “In support of our strategic aims in response to the challenges we face, we are launching a project to increase the pace of the improvements already taking place.

“This will include reshaping our academic staffing profile, enabled by the launch of a voluntary severance scheme for academic staff, and making substantial investment in teaching and research priorities.”

However, the University and College Union have said that they are unconvinced the redundancies of “valuable and experienced” staff is the best approach for the University to improve its rankings.

This follows strikes at the University over cuts to lecturer’s pensions. Members of the University and College Union have said at retirement some staff could lose up to ten thousand pounds.

Regarding the strikes, University of Liverpool student Poppy Cooke said: “It seems fairly clear to me that a better pension deal could be put in place. I admire them for taking action and am saddened to know it reached this level before being resolved.

“Most petitions estimate students may have lost over £1000, dependent on how many contact hours have been missed. The Vice Chancellor of my University has stated she will not be issuing reimbursements after strike action, as there are other available resources for students to use.

“I recently created a petition to try to address this issue; it calls for a law to be implemented so that students at all universities are partially reimbursed after industrial action.”

Human Physiology student Jessica Cezanne from the University of Liverpool said: “I missed out on two weeks of contact time from strikes, lectures for one of my modules was completely cancelled so the module organiser had to take them out of the exam.

“I am going to leave second year with a lack of knowledge of my field. Students are paying to be taught and we are not receiving the support.”

It was disclosed by union officials, that £113,000 could have been saved if senior management at the University of Liverpool travelled in a standard class on foreign trips, in a period of three years.

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