Alder Hey’s plea to protesters

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has urged Alfie Evans protesters to respect other patients.

The hospital said the noise from hundreds of protesters outside the building, supporting 23-month-old Alfie Evans, was affecting other patients.

On its official Facebook page, ‘Alfie’s Army’ said the protest was peaceful and asked its demonstrators to be respectful to the hospital.

However, in a statement Alder Hey Hospital said: “Noise from recent protests has unfortunately affected our patients so we would ask that noise levels outside the hospital are kept to a minimum.

“Loud noise affects sleep and raises anxiety levels for our patients especially when recovering from procedures, so please bear them in mind.”

Today, parents of Alfie Evans lost their latest legal battle, the Court of Appeal judges said doctors should continue Alfie’s treatment pending a Supreme Court verdict. The judges also said they were “dismayed and concerned” by some reports of the protest.

Lord Justice Moylan, said staff, patients and relatives felt intimidated by the protest outside of Alder Hey Hospital and staff were unable to enter the premises.

On Twitter, user Colin Morris said: “People condemning Alder Hey and staff, let’s hope your children never need Alder Hey or its “disgusting” staff that save countless children’s lives all year round and shouldn’t be condemned for one departments or one child’s case.”

University of Liverpool student Lauren tweeted: “Having a protest outside of Alder Hey with crowds chanting is so disrespectful to the other children and families who are inside suffering their own illnesses. Alfie Evans’ case is tragic, but it shouldn’t be a detriment to the other sick children.”

In February, the High Court ruled that doctors could stop the child’s life support, last week an undisclosed date was set by High Court to switch off the life support of Alfie Evans.

Liverpool based tweeter Riley said: “Protest outside Alder Hey Hospital for Alfie Evans, the family want to take him home and cannot. We live in a country that pays to keep murderers alive and give them new identities but can’t let a family take their son.”

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital have said that to continue to treat Alfie was “unkind” and “futile”. Alfie Evans’ parents Tom Evans and Kate James, want to take the toddler to Rome for treatment and say they have a private ambulance and jet on stand-by.

The Liverpool based parents, have lost their legal fight in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.


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