Rejuvenation: Former Liverpool Garden Festival Site Redeveloped

By Shannon Lyon


Otterspool is seeing a major £700 million rejuvenation of their Garden Festival Site. The redevelopment will see the empty site being changed into 2,500 future homes and even a potential ferry terminal may be built.

The plan for this new venture is set to create a “cultural garden suburb.” The development will see the council agreeing to set up a 1 million project to survey the site and investigare the future of it.

The hope is for the site is to become a mix of a residential community and leisure destination. The survey will aid the council in figuring out how much the project will cost and how much the clean-up work will be and how long it will take. The site will also see the rejuvenation of the festivals former landmark dome which the council’s cabinet has agreed to spend £232,000 restoring.

The plan for this site is for it to become a ‘cultural landmark venue’ on the waterfront. The masterplan for the site will see it being split in 5 areas:

  • Dingle Bank, which will be a residential area. Featuring a new primary school, medical and community centre.


  • Jericho Wharf, which will be the social heart of the residential zone, consisting of hotels, bars and restaurants.


  • Jericho Shore, which will be the beachfront. It will consist of residential apartments, pavement cafes, restaurants and bars. It will also consist of a canal frontage.


  • Festival Gardens, which will be the restoration of the original gardens.


  • The Southern Grasslands, which will be a natural habitat for wildlife and leisure activities.

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