Crime: Anti-social Behaviour

By Shannon Lyon


Anti-social behaviour is the most frequent crime in Liverpool making up a total of 35% of total crimes. The reason for this is mainly due to the cities thriving night time culture. There have been 44,064 incidents recorded between January 2015 to December 2016.

The crime has become a significant issue for the city and has the rate of 94.68 crimes per 1000 people, which is almost double the national average of 49.55. in 2016 the rate of crime within the city reached a decade high in numbers.

The most antisocial behaviour happens within the city centre which could be due to the number of bars and clubs which are located there.

Anti-social behaviour consists of vandalism, threatening and offensive behaviour, graffiti, buying drugs, drinking in public, drunken behaviour, fireworks being set off at unsocial hours and motorbikes being ridden off-road.

Between March 2017 and February 2018, the amount of crimes involving anti-social behaviour reached a total of 6601, which amounts of 23.92%.

Due to the city centre being the largest amount of crime being recorded, Merseydays spoke to some locals who live within the centre to get their view and if they have noticed any anti-social behaviour. Sally Jackson, who lives by the city centre said: “I notice kids riding their bikes on people’s driveways and scratching the sides of people’s cars. I dare not go out and confront them, who knows what they could do.” And another local of the area Michael Clark said: “We wake up to beer cars in our front garden all the time. Sick of having to clear up after these drunks, they need to go somewhere else.”

Anti-social behaviour can affect people’s quality of life and is an important issue that needs to be resolved. Whether the rate of anti-social will ever decrease, it is clear that this issue is a problem within Merseyside that needs a resolution.

If you are a victim of anti-social behaviour contact 101 or 999 in an emergency. You can also contact your local council if you have the issue of: rowdy neighbours, uncontrolled pets, littering, general vandalism and graffiti.

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