Brexit: The Fall of Migrants coming to Merseyside.

By Shannon Lyon.


Brexit has been an issue for since the vote to leave in 2016. The vote divided the UK, with many having mixed opinions of the outcome and the repercussions it would have.

The vote caused a stir within newspapers and it still to this day a topic of heated discussion.

It has recently been believed by newspapers across Merseyside that Brexit has caused a reduced number of migrants making their way to the area. This is due to migrants feeling ‘uncomfortable’ and has seen that more than a thousand fewer people registered to work in Merseyside in 2017 than the previous year.

The fall has seen the number in national insurance numbers being reduced significantly going from 7,500 in 2016 to 6,200 this year. Information given from campaigners have said that many migrants feel uncertain after the Brexit vote and could be deterring new arrivals.

In particular, the drop in Liverpool has seen migrants applying for national insurance go from 5,231 to 4,260 in 2017.

The history of the Leavers campaign was mostly focused on immigration and border control which has left new comers to the UK threatened. This focus has seen a net loss of 29,000 than the previous year.

Media coverage has focused heavily on migrants with many promoting a negative outlook on them. Across the UK newspapers headlines on the Brexit vote and migrants have been:

  • ‘Migrants quit UK after Brexit result.’

From the media coverage, it shows how the statistics are justified. The fall in numbers could be down to how the media is reacting towards the vote and how there is uncertainty even within the papers themselves.

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